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For a writer, there's nothing like the thrill of holding that book in their hands

Mishka Zakharin

Author of Russian-Inspired Literature

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"Letting the Ink Dry's thoroughness In the editing process was one of the most beneficial experiences I've had as a writer. (A little 'ego bruising' seems a small price to pay for so successful a final product!) And visually—because, despite clichés to the contrary, the first thing a book is truly judged by is its cover—they helped to design one of the most strikingly aesthetic covers of all my books. Their services are affordably priced, and their work ethic is professional, yet personable, and always reflective of a willingness to work with the author to find that individual's best course of action."


Tim Baker

Adventure Novelist - Flagler Beach FL

TBsignature"I've been working with Letting the Ink Dry for over five years now and I can't imagine putting out a book without them. They are one of those rare companies that can make you feel like you are their only client.  They're honest, reliable, reasonably priced and a 'must' if you want to be sure your book is the best it can be.UB 3D Cover200dpi"

From editing to book cover design to planning that awesome book release party, Letting the Ink Dry can help you determine what types of services we can help you with (and even help you do some of it yourself!).

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Polish It!

  • Ghostwriting
  • Copyediting
  • Substantive/Line Editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Author/Book Coaching

Design It!

  • Custom Book Cover Design
  • Interior Pages Formatting
  • Picture/Image Placement/Formatting
  • Synopsis (writing or polishing)
  • Author Bio (writing or polishing)
  • Final Formatting for Print

Promote It!

  • Affordable Publicist Services
  • Query Letters
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletter & E-mail Campaigns
  • Booking: Radio, TV, Bookstores
  • Book Release Party Planning
  • Author Website & Blog
  • Social Media Mentoring
  • Book Trailer Video
  • & so much more! Promoting is key!


Have Questions? We Have Answers!

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What is Ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter writes on someone else's behalf and grants credit of authorship to that person. In other words, if you have an idea for a book, but don't possess the skills to write the book - that's okay! A ghostwriter will put your ideas on paper (and in most arrangements) take no credit for the writing. 

What is a Query Letter?

A query letter is a slightly formal letter (written in a format which is standard in the industry) introducing you and your book to literary agents and/or publishing houses. It's important that these letters are well-crafted and constructed in the proper format for submission.

Can I provide the image(s) for my book cover?

Absolutely. Our job is to help you make your book cover everything you imaged it to be and sometimes part of that involves using an image or graphic that's important to you, the author. We want you to love your book cover design

I guess maybe I'm a typical writer because the idea of promoting myself in public sounds scary. Do your publicity plans take the author's personality into account?

We can pretty much promise you that you'll come out of your shell (if only a little bit!) just by virtue of working with one of our publicists, but we would of course take into account any aversions you have to certain types of media/promotion. Sometimes a pre-recorded taping is the best route because you have no live audience. Book signings at book stores or your favorite local restaurant/venue can be a good way to get your feet wet and we'll hold your hand through it.

 What is a Book Trailer Video?

A book trailer video is a short video (sort of like a movie trailer) that sets the stage for what your book is about. If your book is a mystery, for instance, a book trailer might be comprised of some intriguing images along with written text in separate 'frames', often accompanied by the author's narrative and set to music. Book trailers are a great way to get people interested in reading your book.